The hapless Watchman

Oh dear, Caspar, the old Munot watchman, has been a little absent-minded of late

On his inspection tour of the Munot last night, he misplaced all of his equipment. Now he is missing the key to the tower, his trumpet and his lantern!

His musket should be around somewhere too.

And where did he leave his hat and coat?

Can you help the poor unlucky fellow find his things?

He would be so very grateful.

Advice from the Munot guard Margaretha

There he is – a picture of misery. It’s a good thing his head is attached to his shoulders, otherwise he would have misplaced that too. God knows, his day wasn’t really all that busy. While he sat in the tower counting ships and ringing the bell every now and then, I was running around town and hauling the shopping up the hill.

He doesn’t have it easy either though. The town council watches his every move. He can hardly visit the latrine without them knowing about it. The smallest transgressions are punished. God help any guard who falls asleep at night while on his watch. Also, the poor fellow has had this awful toothache for the past few days. It is driving him to distraction.

Where was he last night, you ask? If I remember correctly, he went on his tour of the battlements and then descended down into the casemate. I think he was going to clean his musket down there. I don’t like him fiddling with it in our living quarters in the tower. Perhaps he also needed his lantern for a little more light. Later, I heard him blow the trumpet in the vineyard. Probably to scare off birds from the garden and the vines. And didn’t he mention that he was going to fix the stairs in the tower in the outer ward?

Help the Munot guard find his equipment

Read carefully the advice of the Munot guardian.

Search puzzle for the luckless guardian

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Where's the shotgun?

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Where did he hang the hat?

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Where did he forget his lantern?

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And where did the coat go?

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And where are the tower keys?

6 / 6

Where has the trumpet gone?

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