From Annot to Munot

On the back of the Emmersberg

A fortress stood here on the back of the Emmersberg as early as the 14th century. Old depictions show an imposing tower called the Annot (“without distress”) with a defensive platform in front called the Zwingolf, which protected the tower since the 15th century. Both were demolished after 1564 when the Munot was built.

On the other hand, the two flanking walls that already bound the Annot into the ring of city walls and were reused with the Munot were preserved.

The so-called Roman Tower on the slope towards the Rhine also belonged to the older Annot. Its towering, slender shape is typical of medieval watchtowers and still gives a good impression of how the larger Annot might have looked.

Bild: Museum zu Allerheiligen Schaffhausen (Foto: Jürg Fausch), Inv. C4618

View of Schaffhausen in the “Stumpf-Chronik” (circa 1548) with the Annot (1), Zwingolf (2) and the tower called Römerturm (3) still existing.

1 | the Annot, 2 | Zwingolf, 3 | Römerturm

a | outer ward, b | western side wall, c | Munot tower, d | Munot platform, e | eastern side wall