The Casemate

Main room protected by solid walls

The casemate is the main room protected by massive walls. From here, a spiral ramp (a so-called equestrian staircase) in the round tower leads down to the underground passage with the caponiers or up to the platform. In addition to six embrasures, a well and a latrine, there is a small spiral staircase that leads to the platform.

The four embrasures that face the slope (e) are at ground level, whereas those that face the plateau of the Emmersberg are slightly elevated and can only be reached via an ascending walkway (f). Gun smoke escaped through vertical shafts above the embrasures.

Judging by the shape of the gun-loops, they were designed for small ordnance or handguns. Larger cannon must have been installed on the platform above.

Ground-plan and cross section of the Munot casemate:
a | round tower
b | casemate
c | platform (with battlements)
d | caponiers
e | embrasures at ground level
f | embrasures at an elevated level
g | spiral staircase
h | well
i | latrine
k | underground passage