Live in the Munot moat

A game preserve for fallow deer

In the 19 th century, Schaffhausen’s fortifications became obsolete and were largely demolished. In 1905, at the request of the “Verschönerungsverein Schaffhausen”, the now obsolete section of the moat by the Munot was turned into a game preserve for fallow deer.

The elegant animals are still the secret stars of the fortress today. Some of them are even known by name, as the deer in the herd traditionally always bears the name of the incumbent mayor.

In addition, many other animals find a “protected” home here. Robins, tits and sparrows breed in bushes. Pigeons and jackdaws have nested in the wall niches. The hazel bushes attract squirrels and mice. Even a fox has been sighted. And if you pay attention, you can sometimes spot bats in the dark corners of the corridors.

Bild: Stadtarchiv Schaffhausen, J 02.05.03/01

Fallow deer in the Munot moat, photograph circa 1920.

The Munot provides a habitat for numerous animals.

Every year numerous jackdaws (a) are guests on the Munot. The clever cave breeders obviously feel at home on the battlements via Schaffhausen. But also sparrows (b), pigeons (c), Great tits (d) as well as magpies (e) and robins (f) can be watch here.